Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is here!

I hate carpenter bees! One more down and about 100 to go!

These bees have been really bothersome the past couple weeks. They bore holes into wood, so seeing that we live in a wood home this is a bad thing. I am on my last nerve, I bought some home made Alabama bee traps online today as a last ditch effort, I can not wait to get them hung and see if they catch these little rascles like they claim! I was on the roof tonight swating them with a tennis racket. I got 9 more, that was a pretty good kill ratio for on afternoon. I will go hunting again tomorrow night! I hate carpenter bees!!!

"Paw would be so proud, a bird has found a home!"

Amanda was so happy to see a little bird had found a home in the special bird house her Paw had made us. It is really stuffed with pine needles, I bet he will get hot in there soon!

Starting to feel like summer!

Amanda and I enjoying a beautiful Sunday on the porch! I love her so much! :)

Good ol Pearl

Fun with my new camera!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I had to post these, they are so good!

Carter loves catipillars!! Gpa ate to

Wilson's dedication

Little baby Will Will.

My 29th Bday

One year older!

fellowship, bithday celebration and Wilson's baby dedication.

Dad and Carter were big helpers putting uncle Ronnie's garden in. Carter was really working the shovel!

Wilson is getting bigger! He got passed around alot!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where I work.

These are pictures of the building that six others and myself were hired to design test fixtures for ie: bridges, walkways, reaction frames, mast climbers, stairs and various platforms. NASA is in the process of designing the Ares 1, which is the next generation launch vehicle. It will be placed in the building above in the coming years and the test fixtures we are designing currently in the group I work with will be used to enable personnel the ability to work on the vehicle at various locations. The building is 400ft tall and the vehicle is 340ft tall. The last picture is one I took last year off the top of the building looking out over Marshall Space Flight Center which is located on Redstone Arsenal. I am located in the East Test Area on Marshall Space flight Center. So in a nut shell that is what I have and will be working on for the next several years "Lord willing".

Got to meet Senator Shelby.

I was invited to breakfast the other morning here in Huntsville titled "Update from Washington", and Senator Shelby was the guest speaker. He had a good speach and seemed like a good "ol" feller. I enjoyed getting to meet him at the reception which followed the breakfast. Thought I would share a few photos. Not sure if anyone even looks at our blog really, but it passes time here at work when I am bored.

A dream come true.

My mom and dad just listed their home for sale in Atlanta and are hoping to build in Watertown, TN. I can not wait to be able to wake up at their new place and open the back door to this scenery. It is absolutely beautiful!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 09

We spent Easter with Amanda's family and it was a really beautiful day! Lots of good country cooking!!! yum I love Aunt Judy's Jack Daniels ham!! I rode dirt bikes with Ryan on Saturday and we had fun playing in the mud. Notice the before and after of the bike. I took my bike over to Uncle Ralph's and rode up the mountain on the back of his property after Easter dinner. I had a blast doing that. The one picture is of Uncle Ralph about to pop a wheelie!


We got the tail end of all the bad weather last Friday. Some of the hail was bigger than golf balls and really dented up my truck and jeep...............bummer! But we are just glad to be safe and feel so sorry for those that lost all their material possessions. Are prayers are with the victoms families and those that were affected.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dad came to visit.

Dad came up to see us this past weekend while mom was in Florida for Gma's 80th birthday. We had really pretty weather over the weekend and took advantage of the fire pit in the backyard and grilled some hamburgers. We can not wait till both dad and mom can come back and hang out this summer so we can do it again.